Present year of April month , Dutee chand has made record of Asian atheletics championship . She improved among 0.04 seconds .From April , She finished among 11.30 second of 100 mitres sprint .

Actually she breaks national record . She had taken 11.22 second times among national open atthlectics championship in Rachi. Before , her best times was 11.26 second . In 2000 , Rachita mistri has made record 100 mitres sprint among 11.26 second .Durer breaks her record . S

Now dutee is focusing of omlypics 2020. There , they will take 11.15 second for selecting among particular times . Last month's she participated world championship .Among 11.48 seconds he finished .. and he rejected . Thursday , she finished her sprint among 11.55 second . Lastly she has made record on national open athletics championship .

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