NBA, LeBron at Lakers debuts with a defeat in Portland

James puts 26 points and 12 rebounds in his debut in gialloviola, but must surrender 128-119 to Blazers, dragged by Lillard and unexpected hero Stauskas

Rome was not built in a day. And the new Lekers Empire by LeBron James is not built in a game. The king debuts with a defeat in Portland, folded 128-119 by the Blazers, dragged by the usual Damian Lillard (28 points of which 10 in the first quarter) and by Nik Stauskas, unexpected hero (24 points, maximum in career equal) that confirms how much supporting cast and second units will make the difference to the success or failure of the Stotts team. The first of the new era Lakers, however, is not a fiasco: despite the shot of Lonzo Ball (void) on TV, this team is not built to win the title this year, but to gradually mature next to his new leader. LeBron (26 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists) does not miss an opportunity to guide his teammates, since he reminds them that "here is a new mentality" in the pre-match melee closed with the cry "dominate" to "when you fall land, wait until your team mates will help you get up "recommended during the race.

THE KEYS - The Lakers must grow a lot. LeBron and Rajon Rondo (11 assists) are the guarantees of a team that has struggled too much from three (7/30 but with 15 initial errors) and that out of the area, where the centimeters of McGee (excellent with 13 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks) turned out to be essential, he found very little. Only Josh Hart (20 points) shone for the young: Ingram was only in the 3rd quarter (10 of his 16 points), Kuzma struggled as a reserve center, dying off after a good start, Ball confirmed that Rondo as a point guard is of a level decidedly superior to his. The 70 points in the area are the thing to start from, the defense the department to record. Portland deserved to win, because the Stauskas points and the order given by Turner off the bench were as crucial as the growth of Lillard and McCollum (10 of his 21 points in the last quarter) in the final period. "When it's time to win, your top players have to step forward," Lillard said after his 18th win in a row in Portland to debut season, to be dedicated to the late patron Paul Allen honored with a white cap and a red rose left on the chair that occupied on the sideline.

THE GAME - LeBron comes with two devastating crushes of his, to the delight of yellow-yellow fans who invade the Fashion Center, and leads the Lakers on 25-15 to 4'44 "from the first siren. Portland limelight all closing the first quarter on 34-31 with a partial of 19-6, then run away to 53-42 by half second quarter thanks to the unleashed Stauskas, reserve by 16 points and 4/6 from outside in the first half. The Lakers produce only in the area, with McGee good to get noticed on both sides of the field: Hart signs 61-61 before the rest (where Portland arrives on 65-61) and breaks the Lakers curse by three signing at 2'21 "From the third siren the first yellow-yellow triple of the match, after 15 errors. LeBron and companions are ahead 85-83 at that time: Portland accelerates again, closes the third period on 93-91, then puts the turbo in the second half of the fourth period, launched by a triple of the usual Stauskas to the good escape, that the unleashed McCollum (10 consecutive points) seals with the free 119-106 to 3'21 "from the end. The Lakers with pride try to return to the game, but Portland remains safe and wins for the 16th time in a row against the Gialloviola. For the first victory of the LeBron era to go over on Saturday, the first at the Staples Center, against Houston.