An 9-year-old Indian chess player has won his fight to stay in the UK after the end of his father's working visa. The country's Interior Ministry took the matter as a dispute after looking at her 'extraordinary talent'. Suarez Rowl has won many chess games and is the world's fourth number one at his own age. He expects to become the world champion in the future. 

 The visa expiration date for his doctor Jitendra Singh's information technology is being expired next monthBut the family would come to India, but many of the brightest members in Britain had said that in view of the extraordinary talent of Home Minister Sajid Javed, who interfered in the case, had appealed to look at the matter as a controversy. He (the Home Ministry) recently emailed me and told that he paid attention to my case and allowed us to not return to our homeland to stay in Tear-2 simple medium. He told that his family is very happy. They want to thank the Home Ministry and Home Minister.