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Most Shocking Retierement in Cricket 2018 - AB De Villiers
Good Morning to all, first of all, I wish you a very happy new year. as from today 2019 started, there are lots of international cricket matches again but we will not get to see some wonderful cricketer who took retirement in the past year 2018 and one of them is AB De Villiers so let discuss in little brief. Image Source when this name comes in mind all people love to see him again and again because of his batting, bowling, fielding and his character. he is from South Africa but his fan is all over the world. When De Villiers announced his retirement after IPL at that time most of the people shocked because all knew he is a genius cricketer who is a very fit and energetic person who can play still more cricket but De Villiers thought he cant give his 100 % so its better to took retirement but he keeps playing in IPL. when first this news came, most of the people can't believe and some cried too because he did everything sudden that people did not even get a chance to say goodbye in his last match. the most important thing is that World Cup is just away from 1 year and it was his dream also to play world cup 2019 and lift the cup for his country but he felt now its over and its better to gave chance to some other new talented player in place for him. Image Source DE Villiers has many records on his name and one of them is Fastest Hundred in ODI which came in 31 balls against West Indies which no one can forget because when he came to bat at that time very few over left around 12 to 13 but still he manages his own score of 149 runs which is one great thing. he also scored fastest Fifty too in this match in just 15 balls and later in World Cup 2015 against he made fastest 150 again West Indies, in short, he loves to play against West Indies. he always love to bat fast and unique way but you guys will be shock that he can play as slow as much he can because he also played inning of 33 runs of 220 balls in test match where he able to save a test match with Faf Du Plessis so he is a one perfect player who not only play the fastest inning but also slowest inning and its very difficult for other players and thus it makes him an extraordinary player. Image Source What his Speciality is that when he doing batting at any place in the world then that people of the countries also cheers him because they love that batting. i still remember that when South Africa was tour of India in 2015 where 5th ODI was playing, People were Enjoying his batting even they knew that their own team will be going to lose by it but he is that kind of player that people love to watch his batting which we do not get to see often with other players. when he is on ground people love to watch because he is also greatest fielder so always eye catcher of peoples. Image Source I still remember that when he played his first test match against England, he knock just 17 or 18 in both innings but he played some brilliant shots in that small inning and thus from that I felt at that time that this player has talent and if he gets chance he will become a great player. later he got good chances and he proved it true and now he is a player who no one thought because of his ability and skills. he can do batting, bowling, fielding as well as wicket-keeping too and he also took some of the wickets by doing medium pace bowling so he is a complete package of action. He also holds a record that both Wicketkeepers of the same team took a wicket in the same inning with Mark Boucher. Image Source When he announced retirement, at that time, he was near some of the records like near to landmark of 10,000 runs in both ODI and Test but he has not thought for it because he is a very kind person who not like to play for records but play for the team. he innovated so many new shots which are so difficult for others to play but easy for him and he did it many time. He made 9577 runs in ODI with avg of 53.50 which is awesome with 25 century whereas in Test he made 8765 runs with avg of 51 which is a sign of a great player with 22 century. Image Source he is such a great person whom we will not forget ever and also miss in upcoming matches because we were addicted to seeing him in International cricket but now we will not get to see him but at least we can see him in IPL and I hope people get chance to say goodbye him at least in IPL when he announces retirement from IPL because he has lots of fans who want to support him till the end and yes I am one of the fan of him who will miss him a lot too. now we can only wait for junior De Villiers who grove up soon and start to play cricket so we can get to see him play like his Dad.

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