Ind vs Aus 2nd ODI Live Cricket Score Updates: Australian Adult in the match at the moment. Because the Indian capital of capital is nothing more than that. As a result, the pressure is rising on the big ones.

India vs Aus 2nd ODI Live Cricket Score Updates: Virat Kohli-Aaron Finch, facing the second match of the five-match one-day series at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur (VCA). Earlier, India won the toss and elected to bat first. Courtesy Kohli's superb century (116) Firants need to return equality to a series of 251

In last match, India snatched Durant from Hyderabad. India were bowled out for 236 runs by Mohammad Shami (2/44) and Kuldeep Yadav (2/46), Jasprit Bumrah (2/60). In reply, Kohli and Co., with 10 balls remaining, won 6 wickets. Courtesy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (59) and Kedar Yadav (81) unbeaten innings.

Kohli praised bowlers over the years. But Dhoni's fans still feel that the innings won by his match still looks like this. On the other hand, Kedar did a wonderful bat. Kohli will still want to maintain the winning streak today. Shikhar Dhawan's form will keep the Indian team in mind. Gabbar can not be found in the long-known mood. Virat Kohli took Vijay Shankar's batting class He himself tweeted and said. The captain's form in the form of Ajinkya Rahim has folded. Running drought in his bat continued.

8.51pm: Alex Kerry (22) out. Kuldeep bowled. Australia 218/6 (44.3 overs)

8.47pm: Need 38 runs in 36 balls. The hope of India's victory is steadily diminishing.

8.33 pm: Australia at the moment in the Advantage match. Because the Indian capital of capital is nothing more than that. As a result, the pressure is rising on the big ones. India will not be able to hold the match quickly if they can not take quick wickets. Ajijs score 189 at the end of 41 overs.

8.18pm: Amazing Throw Jadeja. Handscombey (48) took out the wicket. Five wickets went to Aziz

8.14pm: India's desperate attempt to see the struggles of the busy batsmen in Nagpur Both teams are trying to snatch victory in this match. Handscumb have understood the game. On the other hand, Stoinis is managing the other end. Kedar Yadav, Jadeja and Kuldeep have taken responsibility for lifting wickets. End of 37 overs game Australia scored 167 runs. Handscum batting 44 and Stoney's 16 runs.

7.52pm: Need 109 runs in 18 overs. Six wickets in hand. Handscomb has scored 29 runs and Stoney's 9 runs. Kuldipi now trusts Virata He got two wickets. He would like a lot to pick up a few more wickets. Although the control of Malachach is now in the hands of Aziz

7.36pm: He bowled Kuldeep Kamal, Maxwell, bowled. Australia lost the fourth wicket Confident of the mighty spinners. Spinners ruled this pitch. Now, see if Kuldipata can win India! Australia scored 132 runs at the end of 28.3 overs. Match still fifteen-fifteen

7.17pm: Marsh Out (16), Caught Dhoni, Bold Jadeja. Australia 122/3 (24 overs) Temporary relief in Indian camp There are still batsmen like Maxwell-Stoinis and Alex Carry. The run target is not too much. To put pressure on Ajiz, Kohli will take wickets in regular intervals.

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