Cricket / asiacup 2018

The 'request' of Shakib-daughter's eyes 'eyes'
If he had lived in this final ... Bangladesh has felt the need for Shakib Al Hasan tomorrow and soon after. Shakib himself did not feel intense persecution, 'Ah, if I could have been in the Asia Cup final in Dubai!' When the team is fighting with India, the world all-rounder is struggling with fingerprints at the hospital bed. He could not keep away from severe pain in the game. The cabin has seen the helpless eye on the TV in the final. After the rate, the pain felt in the heart with the finger. Shakib has to stay in the hospital today. In the afternoon, it was known that the pain of left hand surgery did not subside even today. Blow off! Apollo Hospitals doctors have not left Shakib today. Tomorrow if the condition improves, it means that the pain and swelling will decrease, the hospital can get out of the Test and T20 captaincy. There is no chance for visitors to visit. The nearest people are getting close to the chance. Shakib-daughter Alayna Hasan now doctors do not want to come to her father! But that morning, he felt severe pain in the wounds of getting injured. Apollo hospital rushed to the hospital without delay Infections of the left hand found in the left hand are found in the examination. The pus is carried out after surgery. Three months out of the field to be Shakib Surgery can not be done until the transmission is completed. Shakib will recover fast, like Alayna-dew, this hope has been counted in many Bangladeshi cricket fans.