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is Dhoni also on the way of Ponting, Yuvraj and Smith?
Good Afternoon, first of all, I want to say that this is just my opinion and I write about what I feel as what I have seen. all of these players are big players and their contributions to their teams are always helpful. those are all big players who change the game according to their one-man show of the performance. but those all players are not performing at the end of the career and their ending is not as they known for. MS Dhoni Image Source we all know MS Dhoni is one of the greatest finishers of the game and also one great captain. what he did contributions for his team is no one did under pressure and he also helps India to win the match from losing situation so there is no doubt that he is a great player but since last years he is not performing well as he can't able to bat like what he did before. most sad thing is its SR because it's dropped a lot as he is not playing attacking as mostly try to play defensive. we all know how he can bat but he disappointed fans most of the time. before when he came to crease for a batting, bowlers were afraid but not they feel secure as he did not try to score for big hits. now also power in his shot is also decreased so its look he has less energy. in 2018 he played 19 matches where he made only 275 runs with an average of 25 and SR is only 71. this figure is before series of India and West Indies. Ricky Ponting Image Source we all know how big player was Ricky Ponting too as he is one of the strongest captain and also a world-class batsman who never seen in out of form but at the end of his career, he was in the worst form of his life as he can't able to score runs. we all know how was a situation of that time before 8 years that in Australia Cricket, full of talented player and they were just waiting for one chance. Ponting played his last match in 2012 and he played total 5 matches in 2012 where he made only 18 runs with an average of 3.6 which is very poor performance. he took retirement after it as he said that time that there is a more good player than me so they deserve a chance more than me. Yuvraj Singh Image Source we all know what he did in 2007 first T20 world cup and he played a crucial role in won first ever T20 world cup but since he back from cancer break, his performance went so down and he is always in an out from the team. he always struggling to score runs either in ODI or T20 but he was so helpful with his bat, bowl, and fielding. currently, he is doing a performance in domestic cricket but not getting the place in the team as there are lots of people in a queue to play for India. he played 18 T20 in 2016-17 where he scored only 209 runs with an average of 16 and HS is only 37. he is knowing for hitting a long sixes and he has that talent but he can't able to perform like what he did before. Graeme Smith Image Source Graeme Smith was one of the successful captains of South Africa because he took this challenge on very early of his career after that 2003 World Cup incident. he did a great job and he was captain of the team for a long time and his record was amazing in his starting of International cricket but while he announces retirement, his record was not as good as he known for and thus due to his performance, he took retirement early. he was a good player of test matches compare to ODI and he did a crucial role too as an opening batsman. in his captainship, he is the first team who defeat Australia in Australia in test series while Australia is in top position. he retired from test matches in 2014 where he played 3 test matches in that year and made only 45 runs with an average of 7. he did good in 2013 start but after it, he is struggling for runs and he decided to retire from cricket. The point I want to say here is that if any player does not perform whether he is an experienced player or new player for a long time then need to replace it with another player in the squad. Dhoni was good in past but not in present so what happened in the last match that India decided to drop Pant because they want to make batting and bowling strong and they include Kedar Jadhav but they Indian team selection not thought Pant is in good form compare to Dhoni or Pant deserve more chances then Dhoni because of his talent but dont know why Indian coach keep backing up Dhoni and what I think is that its a big problem for India in World Cup because its not a good choice for someone who not performing and still get place in playing 11 before then who are performing. recently India did not include Dhoni for T20 and its a best choice because in T20, need to score but his style of playing is very slow and it may change result quickly. whatever and whoever player of any team, if they are not performing for a long time then they also have to drop and give chance to other because in match, what you did in past is not important but what you doing in present is more important. its look probably that Dhoni will retire after World Cup and there is only chance to prove that what he can do otherwise his ending is very similar to those big players.