Cricket / batting

After the loss of series i.e; ODI the T20 has been played between South Africa and Sri Lanka in Colombo.South Africa lose this this first and last match of T-20 as well as series. Let us look at match summary. The toss between Sri Lankan captain and South African captain was win by South Africa and his team decides to bat first. Lets look South African batting. After the start of match South Africa loses his first wicket only one 14 runs at 2nd over of 5th ball and the wicket taken by Silva and the wicket is Amla he cannot score any run and he is out at 0 runs.After the fall of first wicket Hendricks come on the crease.After some patnership another breake throug for South Africa De cock get out on 20 runs and this time the score of South Africa is 30 runs.After falling of of wicket De cock Handricks will become out on 19 runs at this time the score of team is 42 runs. Dumminy come to crease after falling of wickets De cock but he cannot play well and score inly 3 runs.After the fall of wicket Handricks Kalaasn come on crease and he score only 18 runs.And other player score some runs i.e;14 runs score Miller,0 runs score Phehlukwayo, 0 runs score Rabada,12 runs score Junior Dala and he become not out,4 runs score Lungi Ngidi and Shamsi score 0 runs. Look at Sri Lankan Bowling. Sandakan take most wickets in this match he take 3 wickets,Danajana take two wickets ,Silva take also two wickets,Udana take 1 wicket and Rajitha take also 1 wicket. Finally South Africa score only 98 runs after falling of 10 wickets i.e; they become all-out. After South Africa play there inning after some time Sri Lankan team comes to bat and they have win this match for scoring 99 runs. Look Sri lankan Batting. Sri lanka loses his first wicket at the first over of 4th ball only on 4 runs the wicket is kusal Perera he score only 3 runs.After falling of first wicket Chandiman come on crease,after falling of wicket first another wicket lose Sri Lanka,The wicket is Kusal Mandis and he score only 1 runs at same over of 6th ball. After falling of two wickets Silva come on crease,after big partnership between Siliva and Chandimal another wicket fall the wickeet is Silva he score 31 runs.Mandis come on crease he score 0 runs,Shanaka score 16 runs,Perera score also 0 run and Danjana score 2 runs and Chandimal become not out on 36 runs and Udana also become not out on 5 runs.Finally Sri Lanka win this match by three wickets. Look at South African bowling. Dala take two wickets, Shamsi take 2 wickets , Rabada take 2 wickets and Dumminy take 1 wicket. I hoped you like my post.