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Fights continoues between Indian Coach of Women's team and Mithali Raj
Image Source Good Morning to all, its a hot topic from Indian women's cricket that fights between Ramesh Powar and Mithali Raj is continue as just received news that Ramesh Powar emailed to board about Mithali Raj and also said ''stop to blackmail and pressuring Indian coaches.'' so let discuss about it what is problem between them. we all know Mithali Raj is one of the greatest players of Women's cricket who also known as lady Sachin Tendulkar and she has that class too. if we going to check Women's World Cup then Mithali Raj was a best Performer Indian side because she scored 2 half century in 2 innings where she got chance to bat so what wrong with it and why coaches not want this kind of player in the team. Ramesh Powar said that She was selfish in the world cup and do not able to score runs in practicing on the low bouncing pitch but she batted so well and she showed her talent but why coaches can't see it and the second thing is that he said Mithali have to bat in middle order but not opening as she can't able to score runs and not played fast but why they did not think that if she plays even 100 SR then its a good on West Indies pitches where 120 is also a good score. one side Smriti Mandhana can play attacking so what problem there if Indian team get a good start from where they can make a big score. Image Source Ramesh Power also said that they told to Mithali Raj to bat in middle over but she did not hear us and under her pressure they allow her to open the bat but due to her India possible to won that match because at that time much need one balancing inning to win the match which was played by Mithali Raj so when she took challenges she always proved it true and second thing that what other batsmen did in top order as why only Mithali Raj able to score 2 half century. when you put an obligation on anyone then you have to some things which prove you right but here I think nothing because Mithali Raj was deserved to play in the semi-final and we can clearly see what happened without her as India only able to score 112 runs and all-out so coaches like that score. sometimes players want to perform for the country and coaches want to prove that they are only true but payers know their potential but final selection was of coach and there one mistake will out you from a big tournament what exactly happened here. I was remembering that same thing which happened in real and showed in movie GOLD where one coach not like other players who has potential but just to use of his power they do not select a good player who has potential and has heat inside for victory and brings glory to India. we all know Mithali Raj and this thing never happened before. She is playing in top order and continued performing but they select team not according to performance but due to practice match or net practice before the match which is a sad thing. Ramesh Power played for India few matches and he also knows that team selected on basis of performance and though it's your personal issue but if her performance was good then deserve to play in the team and hope he realize.