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'Nothing behind' England spot-settling claims, says Mark Wood.
Britain quick bowler Mark Wood has expelled allegations of debasement made in an Al Jazeera examination as "like the kid who told a shameful lie". In a narrative communicate on Sunday, the channel asserted it had proof of spot-settling in 15 worldwide matches between 2011-12, seven including England Wood, who will come back to the England side for the last ODI of the arrangement against Sri Lanka in Colombo on Tuesday, demanded he didn't trust proposals that England players had been included and recommended that Al Jazeera had, to date, been preferably more grounded on emotionalism than substance. "Until Al Jazeera bring out anything solid, where they name somebody or demonstrate a bit of proof, I'm not going to accept what they say," Wood told Talksport. "They continue saying there's various things, yet never creating anybody or saying there's any proof behind it. It's somewhat similar to the kid who told a shameful lie. Until the point that they can create something that I'm stressed over then I don't take any notice of it." While Wood's rejection of the story is nothing unexpected - he was not engaged with the England set-up at the time the supposed occurrences happened and you would barely anticipate that him will cast questions over his associates - it might be more significant that he trusts it has done nothing to exasperate the balance in the squad. To be sure, he said it had not created a discussion. "I haven't addressed any of alternate players about it," he proceeded in a meeting with the BBC. "It's not news to me. It had no kind of 'hit' to it. "On the off chance that they thought of solid proof or they said a name and they could demonstrate something then I would be more stressed. Be that as it may, right now they continue making allegations and there's nothing behind it so I'm not very objected." Reacting to the cases made by Al Jazeera, the ECB said on Sunday that its own examinations had "give occasion to feel qualms about no the honesty of any England player, current or previous". The narrative denoted the second time as of late that the channel had communicated charges about England players' contribution in settling. The ICC has called for Al Jazeera to share proof that may help promote enquiries.

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