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Nepal Cricket Team Improving Day By Day
As we know Nepal cricket team has achieved a milestonr till now from there start but it still have a bigger milestone to reach in the future.Nepal team is getter better and better day by day but it is not enough to get in the ICC World Cups. Nepal is still having some trouble defeating some cricket team like Hong kong, Afghanistan and many others. So it show how weak conditions of Nepal team is. There are some things lacking in Nepal team that is a good batter who can hit runs and create runs. In Nepal cricket team there are great bowlers like Sandeep Lamichhane and Paras Khadka. As we know the one of the weakest team in world is China Cricket Team as they just new and they will also be better when time comes .So yesterday's there was a match between China team and Nepal team. China team only could make 26 run and they got all out. And the target was reached in 1.5 overs which is a little disappointing too as it has been really weak team and the run we small too. So Nepal need more good players and opportunities . As Sandeep Lamichhane who was selected in IPL and took 3 or 4 wicket in few matches. So there are good bowlers so just need good batter. Then we can see how much Nepal cricket team will grow. But thought they haven't be there yet.But we cannot ignore there improvement till now as they have a one weakest team in cricket when they started and now they are getting better and better. At the start they had nothing now thry have big reputation. I think they will keep improving on. Lets hope for the better. Lets see how how much Nepal cricket team has improved till tomorrow as there final between Nepal team and Singapore tesms. Lets support Nepal Cricket team

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