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Sakib Al Hasan's Luck Not On His Side!
Hi Scorumians :》 May be you should know about the All Rounder Sakib Al Hasan.Sakib Al Hasan is a player of Bangladesh National Cricket Team.He is the best player of Bangladesh National cricket team.He always played well for the team.But recently he is very bad position.This time Sakib Al Hasan Luck not on his side. source Bad Luck In Cricket 》 Recently Asia Cup 2018 has been over.Bangladesh National team lose in the Asia cup.But Sakib Al Hasan lost on his own way.Because before the Asia Cup he is the nuber one All Rounder of all format.But in the Asia cup he is played very bad due to his injury.For this reason he is no more the Number one All rounder of all format. source Based on Icc rankings Sakib Al Hasan Current postion on 》 Test》After all he is in the First Position on Test source T20》He is in the Third Position in T20 source ODI》He is in the Second Position in ODI source Bad Luck In His Physical Life 》 During the Asia Cup he have been faced with Hand Injury source So, Sakib can't play in the Asia cup.As soon as possible he have been admitted on the Hospital.After the treatment Doctor said that his hand will never be perfect. source For a this reason i am saying that "Sakib Al Hasan's Luck Not On His Side".Because if he was not injured in The Asia cup may be we won the Cup.Also he don't lose his reputation. source However we pray for him that he will get well soon. Thanks For Your Valueable Time

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