Cricket / mashrafe mortaza

A sharp and effective Mashrafe!!
This is the last series on the country's soil, It was the much talked in Social Media in the last match. A part of a people said, after joining politics, there will be no focus on the field, cricket and politics should not be run together. BUT The 35-year-old cricketer's has come out of his way. He is the best player of the match; he is the best bowler in the match. Mashrafe has been the best bowler in the first ODI against the West Indies at the Mirpur Stadium, taking three wickets in just 10 runs in 10 overs. So, it is to say, ink on critics face. After the start of career in international cricket, Mashrafee went to the surgical table in seven times. Sometimes the month after month is left out of the field. Many times the fear of his carrier awakened because of these reasons, he missed 111 matches in ODIs after the country's debut. Mashrafe, who came back like a champion, proved to everyone's lies false. and it is possible that Mashrafe has survived for 17 years in international cricket. After a special cap on knees, he is running for youth even after 35 years. In the last few days, after the end of his career, those who are upset to dismiss him, at least Mashrafe has been able to tell that he is playing in his own ability and performance, not by anybody's kindness. He also showed the cricket world how politics and sports run together. Narail Express achieved the pride of playing 200 one-day mach as the first Bangladeshi. He has also made his milestone match in great bowling. But it is sure that, it will be great loss for Bangladesh to loss a sharp and effective Mashrafe.