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Nepal finished the match with 11 balls
In the Asia-T20 World Cup, Nepal beat China by 26 runs and won by 11 runs. Twenty-four World Cup qualifiers in Asia are giving birth to all the weirdest scorecard. Myanmar finished 10.1 overs in Malaysia-Myanmar match two days ago (8 wickets before rain fell), only 9 runs. Malaysia's target was 6 runs in 8 overs in the run-up to top the run. Nepal-China match also gave birth to a scorecard as well. Earlier, China were all outplayed by 26 runs. Nepal won the match 11! In 2014, the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh was Nepal's strong opponent for China. Winning the toss, Nepal chose to bowl to the challenge, to push China to the challenge Their first wicket was the last over of the innings in the second over. At the end of 6 overs, the Chinese team lost 21 runs for 1 wicket and lost five wickets for 21 runs. Middle order batsman Dangji Ma 5 runs, then the Chinese match reached 26. They lose the last three wickets without adding any runs to the scoreboard. China's seven batsmen have been dismissed by zero runs. China's highest run-getter Hong Xian Yan-11 He is the only Chinese batsman to reach the two figures. Nepal's leg-spinner Sandeep Lamanichane got four wickets in four balls with 3 wickets in three wickets LIMCHAN Collection 20 wickets in 5 matches of this tournament He scored 2.5 runs. In reply, Binod Bhandari and Pradeep Singh finished the match with 11 runs. Bhandari scored 24 runs off just 8 balls. Three fours and one six sixes