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England vs India series report card.
India has lost this series 4-1,and England has dominated them and we have to say that the better side won this series,although both the teams were having some issues but England managed to overcome them and made it very difficult for the Indian team to make a comeback in the series.But still there are some positives for the Indian team. Here's the report card of the players who played this test series. KL Rahul. Rating-6/10 He scored a brilliant century in the last test that too batting in the 4th innings is never easy.He came into his zone,but it was too late by then.Once again this innings shows that he has got talent and ability to score runs,it's just that he needs to be a bit more consistent with his performance.Since it was his first tour to England and just because of that brilliant century with him he was considerably good,but needs to be consistent with his performance.And he gets some extra points for his catching is well,he has been brilliant in the slip cordon for India. Shikhar Dhawan Rating-2/10 It was a very poor tour for him,didn't score runs with the bat even got dropped from the 2nd test,and i think that must have shaken his confidence a little bit.But he even has dropped some catches is well and so the Indian team needs to take a call on his test carrier especially away from home. Murali Vijay Rating-1/10 Another batsman who was very poor with his performance in this tour.I had a lot of expectations from him as he was India's premium opener especially outside the sub-continent and his previous tour to England was outstanding,so the expectations were very high,but unfortunately after failing in first-two test he was dropped from the eleven for the 3rd test and even was dropped from the squad after that.This might be the end of his carrier as a test cricketer. Cheteshwar Pujara Rating-6/10 If we leave aside the last test match,he has looked good in this series he played some crucial innings with one century and half century.He didn't even play the first test he was dropped,but after that he scored some runs.But i expected some more contribution from Pujara as he had played the county cricket and it was his 2nd tour to England. Virat Kohli Rating(as batsman)-9/10. (as captain)-5/10. It was an outstanding tour for Virat Kohli as a batsman,and has scored runs in almost every match.And he was miles ahead in this series and no one was even nearer to him.I wanted to give him 10 points,but you would expect players like Virat Kohli when they are in that kind of form to score runs in the 4th innings and win you or atleast end the game with a draw.Virat Kohli as a skipper has been a bit disappointing in this series,he made some mistakes in choosing the playing eleven and he backed the players who he shouldn't be backing and some questionable bowling changes.So Virat Kohli as a skipper had a pretty ordinary series. Ajinkya Rahane Rating-5/10 Ajinkya Rahane had an pretty ordinary series as a batsman.Played all the 5 test matches of the series and managed to score two half centuries in 10 innings,but that's not enough he is India's vice-captain.He needs to make some more contribution to the side,and even dropped a few catches is well. Rishabh Pant Rating-7/10 He has been one of the positives of this tour,India has found a new keeper batsman for the test and i really think they should invest in him.He scored a brilliant century in the last test and told everyone that he belongs here.He is still young and he will improve as he goes on playing and he can be the India's Gilchrist.He is one for the future. Hardik Pandya Rating-5/10 We expected a lot from this young talented all-rounder.He played 4 matches,in one test managed to get 5 wickets and scored a fifty but apart from that he has been very disappointing in this series Ravichandran Ashwin Rating-4/10 Ashwin he started off brilliantly in the series by picking 4 wickets,but after that was completely off-colour.The test match in Southampton where there was help for the spinners,he was completely disappointing there and i should say that Moeen Ali outplayed him in that game.And he even didn't contribute with the bat for which he is known for.So it was a pretty much below average tour for him. Ravindra Jadeja Rating-8/10 Ravindra Jadeja managed to play only the last test match,but was brilliant with both bat and ball and who will be become the first choice spinners in the overseas conditions.He scored those crucial runs and also got some big wickets is well.I think he should have got more opportunity in this series. Jasprit Bumrah Rating-8/10 Even though he managed to play only 3 test due to injury he was outstanding in this series.The way he got the ball to move was just brilliant.And even though it was his first tour he never looked uncomfortable while bowling. Ishant Sharma Rating-8/10 This was perhaps the best series in his whole carrier as a fast bowler.Playing in the County cricket really helped him a lot and the way he was getting the ball to swing was great to watch.Right through from the first match till the last match was consistent enough and was bowling tirelessly.This Ishant Sharma 2.0,i like it. Mohammad Shami Rating-6/10 Shami was good in this series,he was blowing hot-blowing cold.Towards the end he bowled well but the luck didn't favour him much.But he has definitely bowled well then what numbers tell in this series,its just that the luck didn't favour him.But still i expected a little more from him as a bowler. Now only Kuldeep,Dinesh Karthik and Umesh Yadav are left.but they didn't really played this series.Umesh just played the first game,Karthik played two and i don't really think they are going to get a chance in the test squad again.And for Kuldeep it was a bit unfair he played on a pitch where there was no use of spinners.So it won't be fair to judge them. So this has been the tour of England apart from T20 India lost both ODI's and test is well.But we still can take some positives from this tour and move forward. Do you agree with my ratings or no? Tell me in the comments section. Genuine comments will get upvotes.

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