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The two richest cricketers in the world!
Like other sports, cricket does not have so much money, but the income of the players is not less. In addition to the salary, match fee or endorsement, or playing different leagues, they can earn large amount of money. 1. Sachin Tendulkar: 115 million dollars Virat Kohli, the highest earning player in the entire India but Sachin Tendulkar who is ideal of Kohli is the most wealthy cricketer. Sachin Tendulkar known as 'batting-god'. The highest run scorer in cricket has grabbed the first place in the list of $ 115 million worth of assets. The legendary player, who, despite over 20 years of playing, was also regarded outside the field due to his modest attitude. His admiration in advertisements or endorsements was sky-rocket. Tendulkar, associated with several endorsements, including Coca-Cola, Toshiba, Adidas, BMF. He is also the mentor of the Mumbai Indians team, besides the batting consultant of the Indian Premier League. ISL (Indian Super League) also has a team called Kerala Blasters. His biography, written in 2018, about his own growing story. He wrote a book titled 'Playing It My Way' and made a great deal of money for Royalty. Outside of this, there was a movie released in Bollywood in the year 2017. The movie 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams' also responded to the box office. In addition to these, Sachin Tendulkar is involved in a number of organizations. He gives public awareness on AIDS or lectures on various national issues. 2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni: 105 million dollars The second one is most successful captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni with a net worth of $ 105 million. Dhoni has been an integral part of India's team for almost a decade. India won the World Cup, Twenty20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, and all major titles. So, in this period of career, there is a good deal with the BCCI. According to the agreement, Dhoni receives Rs 5 crore each year from the Indian Cricket Board. However, Dhoni's large amount of money comes from advertising or the brand ambassador of various companies. Dhoni is known face from the beginning of his career or in Indian TVCs. Currently he is associated with many other products including Aircel, Pepsi, Sonata, TVC Motor. A few days ago, a movie was released out of Dhoni's biography. Although he did not act in the movie 'Dhoni: The Untold Story', he received a lot of money.