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Australia's innings just survived 27 balls in the final day!
Forecasts were done according to weather. The first session was washed in the rain. Still, there are two fresh sessions. A fairly high 60-over case. Australia have only two wickets in hand. Australia's supporters also knew that Pat Cummins-Nathan Lynn pair tie the match for the fifth day and showed the unequal equation. Cummins played in 103 balls in the first innings. Australia has also dreamed of something miraculous in his bat. But today, Cummins played only for just 11 balls. Before dismissed by Jasprit Bumara he scored for 63 off 114 balls. Australia's last wicket pair lasted just 7 balls. Overall, in the fight to save the test in the fifth day. Resuming at the end of the fourth day at 258 runs by 8 wickets, the hosts could add only three runs to the scoreboard today. In the last session, during the Cummins-Lion's fight, many thought that in the last day the test could be a little bit. Australia will bite right before dying. But in reality the opposite happened. Australia needed 399 runs to win the match. The hosts finished the fourth day on away of 141 runs with two wickets in hand. India won by 137-run in the four-match Test series 2-1. However, the personal achievement of captain Kohli in the win of Melbourne has become more prosperous. As the Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly was in the possession of the highest number of test victories in the field of opponent. Saurav won 11 Tests in 28 Tests. Kohli led the 24-Test series to win the same number of his predecessors.