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Third Test Day 4 - Predictions #IndvsAus
Hello Everyone, On the third day of the test around 200 runs were scored along with 15 wickets falling from both sides. As expected the pitch will require more skills than just power. Indian bowlers proved their set of skills by stopping Australians on a low score - 151. However, the interesting thing of the third-day match is not enforcing the follow-on by India on Australia. Kohli opted to play an inning more instead of enforcing the follow-on and India is standing on 54-5 with a lead of 346 runs. So what are the strategies that both teams can follow to clinch the victory on MCG. IndiaBy not enforcing the follow-on, India has extended the match that can go on till the last day or last session of the match before results.India is still on driving seat and can extend the lead to 400. But as the pitch is behaving going for a bigger lead will not going to make any much difference as Indian bowlers can snatch the win even if the target is 200-250.India must play until lunch by making a lead of 420+ runs or else the second inning will be of not much impact on the match but a joke.Indian bowlers have to take wickets as after declaring at lunch Indian bowlers will have 150 overs and 5 sessions to win this match so the calculation will be to take at least 2 wickets in a session.Ravindra Jadeja can be a plus point here as Lyon's bowl are showing turns and bounce. Bumrah will be going to be lethal too. AustraliaThe plus point for kiwis here is that match is again extended to a new day and the biggest thing is that the chances of rain are getting higher so the match can end with no result.Chances of raining on day 4 are 70% whereas on the final day it is going to be 80%.Australia has to all-out India before lunch as it will give a motivational boost to them. The next bigger thing is to hold on the pitch until the rain starts or the pitch gets easy to make quick runs. The rain will also make the quick outfield and it will be going to be harder for Indian bowlers to bowl or field on the sandy ground.Not many things are in the hand of Australia here but small things can make an effect on the end results. Winning Chances India - 60% Australia - 30% Draw - 10%

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