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The Fi'V'e Funniest Run Outs in International Cricket
Run out! in this way? Azhar Ali's run out in Abu Dhabi Test shocked the Cricket World. The fact is that type of weird and funny run out isn't the only one in International Cricket. There are a lot of examples of such run-outs before. And it's in the Test as well as in the One Day Internationals too. Let's watch the videos of these funny run outs with some description.Virendra Sehwag The match was against Sri Lanka at Vizag in 2007. Virendra Sehwag guided the ball into the third-man area and instead of running, he started to walk in the crease. In the end, he increased his speed a little bit. Wicket-Keeper Kumar Sangakkara saw that and throw the ball to the non-striker end. The bot directly hit the wickets. After that Umpires went to TV Umpire, but Sehwag looks very confident that he reached the crease. But Camera said the opposite and Sehwag lost his wicket cause of overconfidence and laziness.Misbah-ul-Haq In November of the same year, Pakistan was touring India. In Delhi Test, Pakistan score was 229 with losing 8 wickets. Misbah was at 82 runs. Sourav Ganguly's good length ball Misbah guided the ball to Point. The result must be an easy single run. But Karthik threw the ball directly to the non-striker's end and hits the stumps. Funny thing is Misbah has actually reached the end but to avoid the ball he jumped and that time the ball hits the stumps. When Third Umpire watching the review, it shows the ball hits the stumps when Misbah actually crossed the line but was in the air. So unfortunately and in a very funny was Misbah-ul-Haq loses his wicket as well as the match, I guess.Alastair Cook Again same thing happened for Captain Alastair Cook. The time was December 2012. England had tour of India. Eden Test, England score was 359-2. I am not sure but I think the bowler was Zaheer Khan. So, Zaheer Khan to Kevin Pietersen. Cook was in Non-Strikers End and scores 190 runs. Zaheer balled and Pietersen simply push the ball to Square Leg area. Cook came a little ahead, nothing to do cause it's a Batsman instinct. The balls came to Virat Kohli, and he threw the ball to the stumps. Cook moved away so that the call doesn't hit his body. The ball hits the stumps. And unfortunately, at the right time, his bat was in the air. The wasn't his fault at all, it's just funny and a Christmas Gift for the Indian Team. But sadly Cook lost a Double Century for sure.Mohammed Amir Sharjah, November 2016! It's Pakistan v. West Indies. Pakistan's score was 192 for 7. Amir hit Bishoo's balls so hard that he taught it's definitely gonna cross the rope. So he started to walk to Wahab Riyaz for a chat. But in the other end, Rosten Chase caught the ball, but can't maintain his balance so he threw the ball. Amir taught it was Six. But then Chase stands up and threw the ball to the non-striker's end. When he saw that, he started to run. But Chase's throw hit the stumps and Amir lost his wicket. 1st he taught it's a catch then no it's a Six and at the end, it's a run-out. 1 ball and so many thoughts. Funny, isn't itAzhar Ali At the end, the latest in the list. Abu Dhabi Test, Pakistan v. Australia. Azhar hits the ball and taught it's a boundary. So he walked to the middle of crease and started a chat with the non-striker Asad Shafiq. But, the ball actually stopped the front of the boundary. Mitchelle Stark grabbed that ball and throw to the Wicket-Keeper Tim Paine and Azhar is run-out. The funny thing is still Azhar didn't know that he was actually out. Neither he started to run nor doing any other stuff. Talks started about that, Is it the weirdest run-out in Cricket history? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for Your Time!

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