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Independence Day Celebration in My College

First of All Happy Independence Day to You All. It is a very proud day for us. Today we're celebrating this day cause of lots of Freedom Fighters Selfless Sacrifices. We should feel proud to born in this country and to be an Indian. I am continuing the proud feelings to our country with this post. Today we will talk about the Independent India in the Olympic Games. Starting from 1948 London Olympics to 1956 Melbourne Olympics. In the 8 years of Olympics History and 3 Olympics Games Independent India won 3 Golds and 1 Bronze Medal in total 4 Olympics Medals. This post will try to cover the proud moments when Independent India won the Gold Medals.

1948 London Olympics Hockey Gold Winning Team

1948 London Olympics:- It is the First Olympic Games for India as an Independent Nation. After getting Independence from the Great Britain 🇬🇧 in August 15, 1947. India participated in this Tournaments with 79 all Men Competitors in 39 Events of 10 Sports. But win only 1 Gold medal in Men's Field Hockey. India ranked 22nd in the Olympics with this Gold medal. The Gold Winning Team Squad has names like Akhtar Hussain, Amir Kumar, Balbir Singh Sr., Gerry Glackan, Grahanandan Singh, Jaswant Singh Rajput, Keshav Dutt, Kunwar Digvijay Singh, Latif-ur-Rehman, Lawrie Fernandes, Leo Pinto, Leslie Claudius, Maxie Vaz, Patrick Jansen Kishan Lal, Randhir Singh Gentle, Ranganathan Francis, Reginald Rodrigues and Trilochan Singh with Walter D'Souza. India was ranked topped in its Group by defeating Argentina 🇦🇷, Austria 🇦🇹 and Spain 🇪🇸. Then in the Semi-Finals India 🇮🇳 defeated Netherlands 🇳🇱 by 2-1 Score. And win the Gold by defeating the ruler of British India in their own country Great Britain 🇬🇧 by 4-0.

1952 Helsinki Olympic Gold Winning Hockey Team Squad

1952 Helsinki Olympics:- It is the First Olympic Games for India 🇮🇳 as Independent Republic Nation. India participated in this tournament with 64 Competitors (60 Men & 4 Women) who took places in 42 Events of 11 Sports. But again India won Only a Single Gold medal in Men's Field Hockey🏑 and a Bronze Medal in Men's Wrestling. India ranked 26th with One Gold and One Bronze. Indian Field Hockey Team Squad are made with Balbir Singh Sr., Chinadorai Deshmutu, Dharam Singh, Grahanandan Singh, Govind Perumal, Jaswant Rai, Jaswant Singh Rajput, Keshav Dutt, Kunwar Digvijay Singh (as Captain), Leslie Claudius, Muniswamy Rajgopal, Randhir Singh Gentle, Raghbir Lal, Ranganathan Francis and Udham Singh. Cause of India's Gold in the Past Olympics India Directly participated in the Second Round. In the second round India easily defeated Austria 🇦🇹 by 4-0. And in the Semi-Finals India defeated the Great Britain 🇬🇧 by 3-1. By Smashing victory against Netherlands 🇳🇱 by 6-1, Independent Republic Nation India 🇮🇳 won the Gold Medal. And makes India proud again. India also won a Bronze Medal cause of Khashaba Jadhav amazing performance in the Men's Wrestling.

1956 Melbourne Olympics Gold Winning Hockey Team

1956 Melbourne Olympics:- It is India's 3rd Olympic Games as a free nation. India comes with 59 competitors (58 men & 1 women) who took part in the 32 Events for 8 Sports in this tournament. But sadly India won just one Gold Medal in Men's Field Hockey as always. With this medal India 🇮🇳 ranked 24th in the tournament. Indian Hockey Team Squad had names like Amir Kumar, Amit Singh Baksgi, Bakshish Singh, Balbir Singh Dosanjh, Balkishan Singh Grewal, Charles Stephan, Chinadorai Deshmutu, Govind Perumal, Gurdev Singh Kullar, Haripal Kaushik, Hardyal Singh Garcey, Jaswant Rai, Jaswant Singh Rajput, Leslie Claudius, O. P. Malhotra, Raghbir Lal, Randhir Singh Gentle, Raghbir Singh Bhola, Ranganathan Francis and Shankar Lakshman with Udham Singh Kullar. Yet again Indian Hockey Team Finished Topped in the Group Stage by Defeating Singapore 🇸🇬, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 and the United States 🇺🇸. In the Semi-Final India defeated Germany 🇩🇪 by 1-0. And after defeating Pakistan 🇵🇰 by 1-0 in the Finals. India hits a hat-trick by winning Gold in Olympics for 3 consecutive tournaments.

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