Former champion Holland has retained its title in women's hockey World Cup tournament by defeating Joint Killer Ireland 6-0. The Netherlands has won the title for the 8th time. The Netherlands played in the final on Sunday, finishing the match with four goals in the final. On the contrary, the 16th ranked team in the final, which reached the finals, looked lonely before the Irish side. Ireland had to be patient with a silver medal, and with this performance, they reached the 10th place in the ranking. Spain earlier won the bronze by defeating Australia 3-1. This was the first medal in Spain's World Cup. In the shootout with Ireland, the Indian team, who lost in the quarterfinals, got 8th place. This is the third best performance in India's World Cup. The Indian team was fourth in 1974, seventh in 1978, 11th in 1983, 12th in 1998, 11th in 2006 and 9th in 2010.