Indian glory in a generation. Our team name has been put up ... the opponents will be betrayed before leaving the race. Later things changed. With the rest of the nations recovering, the gap between the backs of the team increased. Traveling in major tournaments is going on. This is the case where the Asian Games gained in the last Asian Games. The long-standing rival of the Pakistani to survive the excitement shook gold. The Olympics berth has also beaten. That chance came again. And ... will you redefine Shreejesh Sena's performance as a defending champion? Will the Olympics get a direct ticketing again?

Sachin Sports: Indian hockey team gained gold in the 2014 Asian Games . It also defeated the long-time opponent Pakistani at the penalty shootout ...! After this unforgettable success, the confidence of the team increased. For some time the progress of the game looks like. The rival is confronted by anyone. This is evidence of joining the final in the recent Champions Trophy. Hirendra Singh, India's coach, coordinates the language problem for the players. As well as the key players in form, Asset has gained momentum on expectations. The top 2020 Tokyo Olympics berth will be in the top. The rest of the things are forgotten and the convenience of the two-year-old will be spent on preparation.

Balance ...

The Indian hockey team is stronger with drag-flicker Rupinder Pal Singh's comeback, former captain Sardar Singh Stalin, younger players Manpreet Singh, Mandeep Singh, Harmanpreet Singh, and captain Sreejesh. Two, except for three ... The other players have a hundred matches experience. Captain Srijeesh puts it in the eye, saying that he is a balanced jumper and a favorite in Asia. However, the possibility of the goal of the goal is to take advantage of the title of the title of the team. It is crucial that you score first and score over the opponent and grab the penalty corners. Everybody suggests that the team will improve on penalties. The failure of the Champions Trophy and the Commonwealth Games is obvious. Now the formula seems to be the same with the arrival of Rupinderpal Singh. On the other hand, we have to overcome the weaknesses that lead to a dominant time.

India has won 14 medals in Assad Hockey in fourth gold medal. He won gold in 1966, 1988 and 2014. 9 times runner-up. Satisfied with bronze twice. Men's hockey was introduced from the 1958 Asiad, while India only managed to win any medal (2006). This time the gold medal is over ... with South Korea being equal to four times this record.

The women

The Indian women's hockey team has been inspired by the recent World Cup. It stood up to the quartets. If you continue to boost it, you can expect good fruit in Asia too. If the golden gains ... directly the Olympics are ticket. If that happens, the miracle is created. The Indian women's team played for the first time in the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The Rio Olympics once again qualifies for 2016, opening up to the 36-year wait. The Indian team, led by Rani Rampal, is determined to win the Olympic berth this season.

For the

first time in 1982, New Delhi introduced women's hockey in Asian Games. Since then, Indian women's team is at the top-four. India won the gold medal in 1982 ... After that, silver (1998), triple bronze (1986, 2006, 2014) In fourth place in 1990, 1994, 2002, 2010.

We missed the Champions Trophy. Now our goal is to win the gold in the Olympics so that the Asiad will win gold. We can achieve it according to the current form.

- Srijesh, Indian captain

The hockey team that has won the Ashes gold twice in a row, has the potential to retain the record of the record. If you win gold here, this year will be the perfect inspiration for the World Cup in India.