It is extremely important for a person to have good health. A healthy body is the only healthy brain. In other words, having a healthy body for a healthy brain is essential. The sick body gives rise to the morbid mentality.

Since Vedic times, our ancestors have considered 'healthy body' - meaning healthy body. Sports or exercise is very essential for a healthy body, that is, the only requirement for sports or exercise to keep the body healthy is as much as food and water for living.

Student life is the cornerstone of human life. All good and bad habits which have been assimilated in this period have a lasting effect on human life. Along with the study, exercise is helpful in all-round development of humans. Students who give equal importance to sports with their studies are often skilled.

They are completely healthy only with both body and mind. Sports has good mental health. They are more agile than other students and they have more development of human qualities such as patience, tolerance and forgiveness.

In our country, many methods of exercising like yoga, punishment, running, wrestling, swimming etc. are popular. Playing is also a form of exercise. Football, hockey, ball-balls, kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Cricket are some of the major sports in the country.

Hockey is our national sport. We have been World Winner for many years in this game, but nowadays, sports like cricket, chess and tennis are increasing in popularity in the country. Even in cricket, our team has been the world champion. In chess, our name is in the top countries. In the past few years we have earned a lot of fame in the tennis world.

Based on the nature of sports, we can divide them into two parts - Inland and Outlandish. There are intrinsic sports such as chess, table tennis, carrom, while hockey, soccer, cricket etc. are called Outland Sports. The person can choose the games according to his interest and convenience.

Outland sports are better than health because they are played with jumping in open environments. Coordination of outland and intrinsic sports can also be useful for humans. All games have their own specific rules. We should play the game according to these rules and methods. The games provide good health to the people as well as the games played by the spirit of the game awaken mutual harmony and team spirit among the people.

If we look at the people of developed countries compared to developing countries, their health is better. They are more healthy in comparison to physical and mental forms. All these countries initially gave importance to sports with education, which made all-round development of their citizens possible.

Now in our country, the importance of sports has started to be understood. More encouragement is being given to the government to promote sports than in the past years, as well as increase in our sports budget. Its positive results have also started to come. In the past years, we have earned many important achievements in the world sporting world.

Therefore, it is mandatory for the all-round development of human beings that we give equal importance to both sports and education. For the healthy and strong future of the country, youth must understand the importance of the game and more economic budget and facilities should be provided to the Government to encourage it, in which new talent can get opportunity and appropriate facilities. Apart from this, it is also important that every citizen of the country understand and adopt the importance of exercise and play so that its all-round development can be possible.