The activities of the front were gaining momentum. The police commissioner had called the PAC after the march of magnitude. In place of the armed police was deployed. When the police commissioner approached the Chief Minister to report his attentive arrangement, there was no concern or trouble about the Chief Minister's face. The Home Minister was smiling slowly. The police commissioner began to complain, but the chief minister was not particularly eagerly listening to it. The home minister too was not quite interested. The commissioner was a bit worried. He stayed for a moment and looked at them, the Chief Minister cleared his glasses and said, "Well, you made so much care."

"There is no faith in these opposition parties ..." the commissioner was saying. "Morcha will remain silent," the Home Minister said. The Commissioner said, "Me ... ..." the Chief Minister cut the talk, "There will not be much hustle." Just keep an eye on goons ... "


''Okay. So, should I get permission? "The commissioner asked.

"Okay," the Chief Minister said, "I think you should meet the front actors. All three are here in the MLA hostel ... "

The commissioner said, "I know, but meeting there, I will not be right ..."

"Hey Bhai, you do not know, Kanti is among them being in jail with me. The big idealistic man is ... fast and untouched The Chief Minister praised, saying further, "Now there is a matter of front, so maybe they do not come to meet, otherwise they always come ..."

"What should be said about this party and politics ... Kantilal ji should have been in the government ..." The Home Minister said with great sadness.

"Absolutely ..." The Chief Minister said. He then said, "Look, it is okay to meet you ... I will say hello." The commissioner was new. Sakura said, "The Morchwala probably will burn your effigy ..."

"Oh okay, let's burn ... where it breaks your statute. Let them come to their heart, just keep a watch. "


At four o'clock a procession was started from the square. The Front was overwhelming. Flags and trumpet were ahead of all. He had a large group of men who sang mission song. Behind him was a group of women holding planks of demands. Thousands of demonstrators followed him. Everybody hats caps There were small flags in the hands or the plank of demands. Front was working excellently. There were Kantilal, fellow leaders and important people on the Jeep, which was decorated with medieval flags. It was not really believed that in such a large number of people still would have to rely on these methods. The magnificent and overwhelming march was growing with indomitable power. Photographer was pulling pictures of the procession at every turn climbing buildings. Exotic photographers were taking pictures of most tribal groups.

The scene of the procession, going on a long road, was invisible. Like pythons up to miles Millions of feet-only-feet ... millions of head-only-heads Then there was a sudden demolition ... a panic broke in the next part of the procession. Sarah became Barabant. The fugitive is full all around. The windows of the buildings and the windows of the shops began to crumble. Processional shouting-screaming screams turned into bad habit and misery. Fierce agitation spread everywhere. The resonant voices and paranoid screams of subversion came and the atmosphere prevailed due to the cluttering of the bullets. Millions of people are bubbling in the ocean of smoke. Hunky, scream, bang, noise and thunder On seeing the streets, only shoes, sandals, and flags of demands remained. Torn clothes, hats, broken poles and torn rods.

Nothing is known that how this devastation took place. Why happened Riot and injured in police vehicles. The injured were taken to the hospital. The rioters were taken ten miles and left. Many were hurt. They had crushed among themselves. The police was sure to fire, but the air was fired. The whole city was stunned. It was a mistake that only a corpse had fallen in such a big accident. The dead body was untouched. He was not shot, nor was he injured from somewhere.

The police had camped around the corpse. The police said that the body of Kantilal is alive. On hearing this, Kantilal was shocked. After a stampede and in such a terrible disaster, he arrived to see the corpse shortly after. On seeing him, Kantilal said in a vigorous voice, "It is the corpse of the Chief Minister." The chief minister had also gone out to inspect the accident. When they heard this, they got dried. He looked closely at the corpse and said with a smile, "It is not mine