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Change life style and apply this post in life
The new skill of Sridevi Madhavan helps his life move smoothly. According to the study of an international journal based on old age psychiatry, "By focusing on horticulture such as gardening or crossword puzzle solving, you forget your problems for a while and your mood changes as well. It is good to be interested in something where you do not have to play the role of someone's mother, father, partner or employee. There are only you. "When I was also looking for an alternative alternative work, I was also aware of this somewhere. As everyone says, on the failure of Plan A, there should always be a plan in life. This is absolutely right for me as amateurs, because we meet some hobbies for a long time and get bored and then start searching for other hobbies or gestures. One morning, with excitement, I started sorting out the regular crossword puzzle given in the supplement that comes with the newspaper. I have been fulfilling this new hobby with complete devotion for three consecutive months with a single mind. Then suddenly I came to know that this is not just a word game, but on this game there is the privilege of such people who are intelligent and whose interests are in such areas as science. Obviously, the attempt to fill every hole was taking me from my average thinking. I started discussions on every sign given for the possible word. Within two months only a significant improvement in the speed of thinking, talking and seeing was started. In this crossword journey I came across many words that were proving helpful to me in office or important works. Because of the introvert nature, I used to have difficulty in starting a conversation with anyone, but due to this game in three months I was no longer feeling isolated at any social event. The most important moment was that when one of my colleagues in my boss's Farewell Party asked me, "How do you always end your speech with the right words at the right time?" I smiled. I paid them thanks for their words. I was sure that after reading it, he would soon find out this. From this hobby, I got the second benefit that now there was peace in my house too. Now there was no unnecessary debate from any member of the house. As in the morning I was not in a hurry to read the paper before my husband. If you get a little different from your day-to-day activities, then it starts questioning in others' minds. So the next day my husband asked me, "Hey listen! Do not you read the paper anymore? "My answer was," You probably do not know that nowadays supplements coming with the paper are getting more interesting. "Why is this so that my husband would have understood the answer? I personally prefer America's diverse word, which does not include words like 'secret' and 'hanging'. My advice to the beginner of this game is that do not be rushing to finish it in a single day and do not go on 'secret' words. It is better than trying to find answers to the questions yourself, finish it so that you do not feel more frustrated.

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