The report cards of Empoli-Roma 0-2: Dzeko again

Dzeko everywhere, Nzonzi in his first goal in the Giallorossi jersey.

The Empoli report cards

TERRACCIANO 6 - manages to plug the holes as he can, but he can not do anything on the opposing networks

DI LORENZO 5.5 - sometimes it is distracting and does not properly cover its area of ​​expertise

SILVESTRE 6 - less worse than his fellow defense

MAIETTA 5.5 - pity that stain his race with the bad marking on Dzeko for the red card yellow

VESELI 5.5 - better in the creation phase of the game than in the defensive phase. It is dominated by Nzonzi in the first goal of the game

BENNANCER 5 - it is true that it hits the crossbar placed, but also makes many mistakes and fouls

ACQUAH 5.5 - absent-minded and not concentrated properly, loses too many balls.

KRUNIC 6 - makes it dangerous in open spaces, but not always assisted by companions.

ZAJC 6.5 - among the best, punishes and keeps the Giallorossi rearguard in alarm

Leonardo CAPEZZI 6 - lacks constancy, but something propositive makes him see

GUMINA 5.5 - enters 79 'and devours a very special occasion.

CAPUTO 4,5 - Serataccia for the bomber who devours two or three good opportunities. Unhappy evening, to be forgotten quickly

ANDREAZZOLI 6 - the applause of his team points to the others. Empoli plays and has little to reproach. The experience at these levels of his players is paid dearly. If Caputo did not devour so many occasions, perhaps we will not comment on a defeat.

The report cards of Rome

Robin OLSEN 6 - they think the opponents to be wrong both the penalty and other good opportunities, little work for him.

SANTON 6.5 - after a good performance, a confirmation of its usefulness to the Giallorossi

FAZIO 5.5 - more fortunate than good in scoring Caputo, who runs away in more than one occasion, but good for him that the opponent is not in the evening and do not see the door

MANOLAS 6 - although not at the best of the condition, plays better than his team mate

PELLEGRINI 5.5 - plays from the first minute, commits himself and makes himself available to opponents, he commits some smudging.

FLORENZI 6.5 - enters the 60 'lively and determined leaves his mark in the match

NZONZI 6.5 - the new purchase appears to be growing and splits the game with an imperious deadlift

DE ROSSI 6 - humble and diligent, always at the service of his companions, can coexist with Nzonzi

PELLEGRINI 6.5 - continues his excellent moment, his free kick ass for Nzozi that opens and dances. Always present both in the phase of coverage and re-proposition

CRISTANTE 5.5 - enters the 74th but does not affect the race

UNDER 6 - evening in chiaroscuro, some play of his, but also imprecisions under nets and a naivety in his own area that could cost the penalty.

Lights and shadows are compensated, among his cues, some hesitation in the door and the "hands" in the area that could cost dear to the Giallorossi.

JUAN JESUS ​​6 - enters the 74th ordinary administration in the final phase

Edin DZEKO 7 - after the hat-trick of Champions, also the acute in the championship arrives. Fight and make available to the team. An example for the group

EL SHAARAWY 6.5 - inspired by the winning combination for the attacking partner Dzeko who doubles. A guarantee for Di Francesco.

ALL. DI FRANCESCO 6.5 - victory of experience. Despite the advantage the team suffers and shows some defensive sins. Continue the winning streak.