There are thousands of games in the world. Without the cricket, football and badminton playing, we can not imagine another game in the future. Over time, technology continues to flow. In this era of technology, the traditional game of different countries has been lost in the dark span of time. Maybe one day the names of these games will not be there on earth. No one will know the name of the game, the type. Thanks to Scorum for sharing various articles about sports.

Today we will talk about the very familiar game of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, which are part of Asia's continent, which is named Ludu.

Types of Ludo Game:

Generally, the Ludo game is of three types. But most of the campaigns have 2 types of games.

1.House ludu

2. Sanke Ludu

Rules of the game

House ludu

Source House Ludu

As a sporting tool, there are 1 paperboard, 1 small cube named Dais. There are several numbers of Godheads in the six floors. Generally, in the house Ludu, four participants take part in the game. Every participant has four bells, in the local language whose name is "Guti".

The competitor who can make the first six in Diaz play can start his journey out of his house. It's a gift to play with Diaz. With the help of dies, it is decided that the donkey will reach the destination. If the six feet of dies can fall out of the house. The opponent's knock has to be chased down and the first thing to be announced is the winner of all the points that can reach the destination.


Snake ludu:

Source : Snake Ludu

In this game, the opponent will have to drop the number 1. If someone can pick up a number 1, then they will be able to get out of the house first. The total house number in Sangu Lundu is divided into 100 parts. The main interesting thing about Snooker Ludu is the snake. There are various types of snakes on this game board. If someone leaves the dies and scores a number of people who go into the house with a snake, he then goes down again. Then its minus point is.

This game is about people of all ages. However, it is the attraction of the teenage girls in this game.

Ludu has also come to play with the technology. GAMES MANUFACTURER The game brings you to your hands, that means smart-phone. Its popularity has increased a lot.