There is no one to stand in the balance between the sixth ball d'Or and Lionel Messi?

Messi became the fifth player to win the Spanish League and Cup in Ballon d'Or. Messi was the year of the World Cup, which was a nightmare like Messi. In the Champions League, I did not do well. In all, he was the fifth surprise, but the reason was being understood.

But this time? This is the 31 year old Argentinian forward for a formidable form in the form of Argentine forward. In all, 45 goals in 42 matches, the highest scorer in the Spanish league and the Champions League, Barcelona are moving towards third trimukture in their own history. On the other hand, Messi's opponents are now on the ballon d'Or stage. At the last moment, if nothing is given to surprise, then the award is going on in his hands. Non-general José Mourinho is no ordinary person! Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, former Inter Milan's former coach, is now seen by Messi in front of Balón D'Or.

Because of that? Cristiano Ronaldo could not hold the superhero performance of the last three seasons! Real Madrid left Juventus, new club, Ronaldo in a new country is a little bit scary. Quarter finals dropped in the Champions League Messi-Ronaldo broke the 10-year "Dualism" last season, which won the FIFA World Cup and Ballon d'Or last season, Luca Rodríguez and his real season this season is like a nightmare.

Out of the names that are discussed, Neymar is out of the field with injury. Kylian Mbabpe scored goals, but the number is far behind Messi (33 in all). His PSG season can not be said to be good. If you win the Liverpool League and Champions League, the name of Virgil van Dyke, Sadio may be discussed. Manchester City will win all the three titles of England, however, how much will be discussed in the name of Rahim Sterling, arguably.

That's why, Mourinho is not watching anyone other than Messi. Russian coach Russia Today, the Portuguese coach said, "Messi's incredible season is cutting. Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo (Champions League) are knocked out of the fight, and Barlan D'Ore is waiting for him.''

Speaking at the Mourinho event, Barcelona and Manchester United's Champions League quarter-finals. In the first leg, losing 1-0 in the second leg also lost 3-0. The United States has made mistakes in stopping Messi, such an analysis, Mourinho said. There is a thorough analysis, 'I think, United's attitude was different in the second leg. In the first match, they took control of the Central Zone very well. Frederick Fred, from Macmint, got in from Messi (right).In the second match, United played another way, losing 1-0 in the first match. Pagba was very much left, in the right side of MacTamin, Lynghard was the number two striker behind the number. In front of the defense was Fred. Messi comes back to that place, often there and gets more balls. And when Messi gets you one-on-one, that means you have died! '

He played against Messi many times for Real. How difficult it is to stop the Barca forward, Mourinho said. "I do not like to be one man's man-to-man marking against Messi, against Barcelona," Barca's opponent Liverpool said in the Champions League semi-final. You have to make a cage around Messi.Liverpool-Barca semifinals, because of Messi, only because Mourinho, who has given Barça a short span, "I mean, Salah, Ferimino ... that's a wonderful combination, they're so terrible. They can catch Barcelona. But Messi knows that Ballon d'Or is waiting for him, that's why I say they're a little more fanatic than Liverpool. But the fight is 50-50-something.