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Liverpool beat Cardiff and reach the top.
Jorge Giovanni Viñaladam took Liverpool ahead of the second half. At the end, the spot kick doubled the distance between James Milner Winning the Cardiff City ground, behind Manchester City, has returned to the top of the Premier League, the Yurgen Clip team. Liverpool won 2-0 at Cardiff on Sunday. In the 35 matches, 27 wins and seven draws their points of 88. Manchester City, who dropped two places to second place, played less than a match. In the first leg of the league, Anfild flew down Cardiff 4-1 to Liverpool. In the first half, two good opportunities to move forward were Liverpool. Roberto Ferminino got the ball in the 22nd minute with a combined attack from Mohamed Salah and Sadio. The Brazilian forward flown over the crossbar. Salar shot returned in the last minute at the end of the goalkeeper. At the end of the first half, Liverpool's breakthrough goalkeeper Alison returned to Senegal's forward Umar Nias. At the beginning of the second half, Trent Alexander-Arnold took the ball from the lower right corner of the corner and netted the ball with a net shot netted by Netherlands midfielder Viendam. Two minutes later, another attempt went beyond the post. James Miller's successful spot in the 81st minute doubled the gap. The referee played penalty flute with the help of VAr when Sallah dropped one in the D-box. Liverpool won their 27th win over the rest of the match after remaining unbeaten. Arsenal, who lost 3-2 to Crystal Palace in their own ground at the Emirates Emirates Stadium, is in fourth place with 66 points in 34 games. Chelsea are in the fifth spot behind equal points with the same point. Manchester United, with 4-0 goals on the Everton ground in the second match on Sunday, is in sixth place with 64 points in 34 games.

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