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Germany, Neuer does not convince. Is it time for ter Stegen?
Germany, Neuer does not convince. Is it time for ter Stegen? To avoid the resounding relegation of the Löw team to the Nations League B-Series, fresh energy is called for. In the crosshairs also the goalkeeper, who seems to have never recovered from the continuous injuries Crisis or decline? In Germany this is the question that keeps the bench. Because in one case we can not wait to get out of the tunnel, in the other important decisions should be made. The German national team is in difficulty, obscured by a past (even recent) particularly glorious, while living a present too far below expectations. At the World Championships in Russia, Germany for the first time in history was eliminated in the group stage, a surprising but not casual result. Because even in recent months the Germans are suffering, to the point that after the 3-0 suffered by the Netherlands they risk the resounding relegation in the Nations League. A real downgrade. Guilt, also, the performance of some veterans. One above all: Manuel Neuer. The captain's performance does not convince. Neither at Bayern nor in the national team. It is possible that Neuer, who due to repeated fractures to the foot, has played just 23 official matches (club and national) since March 20, 2017, simply needs time, but the current condition is not enough. The mistake made on Saturday night on the occasion of the first goal by the Netherlands was clear: "I was wrong but I'm not the only one", Manuel was justified at the end of the match. Unusual statements for someone like him. Even the outburst of Hummels ("Against some of us there are disrespectful criticism, treated us as amateurs, but we are top players") convey the feeling that in the dressing room there is the awareness that generational change is needed, however, obviously not much appreciated from the senators. The difficulties of the various Neuer, Hummels, Boateng and Müller are obvious, but after the failure to pay the world was only Khedira. Too few changes. And the commentators ask for the inclusion of fresh forces. Starting from the door. To push for the change also Lothar Matthäus, which on Sky Deutschland does not hide the desire to see in the field ter Stegen, 6 years younger than Neuer: "Manuel at the moment has neither the form nor the security he had before his serious injury - explained Matthäus -. On the four occasions he was named the best goalkeeper in the world he was in different conditions. For me the perfect replacement would be ter Stegen. I think Marc has finally gained the chance to play from the beginning in an important game, even with Neuer at his disposal ". For Kahn, historical number 1 of the German national team, the problem is much deeper: "Behind Neuer and ter Stegen there are no talents that are experiencing such as Donnarumma in Italy," he told Kicker. 12 of the 18 holders in the Bundesliga are German, but 9 of them have 28 (or more) years. So there is no future. Precisely Neuer, among other things, is the oldest player of the current rose of the German national team. So the question remains unanswered: do the senators of Germany go through a period of crisis, or have they started the waning phase of their career? In one case we can not but wait, in the other we need solutions.