Soccer / saff championship 2018

SOCCER, derby Inter Milan 1-0
SOCCER, derby Inter Milan 1-0 Handanovic: 6 A single parade on Suso, ordinary administration. Vrsaljko: 6.5 It covers well and with a big push on its range of competence. Some of his cross are interesting. De Vrij: 6.5 In its parts it is hard to pass and it allows the luxury of catching a crossbar that denies him the satisfaction of the goal Skriniar: 6.5 Like a furious bull snorts on Higuain, he almost wants to jump on him. The challenge, anticipates it, limits it, cancels it. Asamoah: 6 She gets lost in Perisic who would need her help. Vecino: 7 The nerazzurro clown turns out to be among the best, recovers balls, contrasts opponents and is also proposed in the offensive phase. Determinant in the Nerazzurri goal. Brozovic: 6.5 Attentive to the management of each ball, he is a thoughtful neighbor and stands next to every teammate always giving a ball that is easy to play. It helps in coverage, it is continuous and always logical in the choices. Politano: 6 Good agreement with Comrade Vrsaljko, his presence is important for Spalletti's schemes Nainggolan: 6 Mezzora gagliarda, then the injury that worries above all for the probable absence in the Champions League. Perisic: 5.5 Physically he does not seem right and in fact he never manages to break into his area of ​​competence Icardi: 7.5 Like last year it annihilates Milan in expired time. A bitter sentence for Gattuso. Borja Valero: 6.5 Great dribble from the trocar. It suffocates the rival Biglia. Keita: 6 Good performance, gives more confidence to the Nerazzurri attack Candreva: 6.5 Enter ten minutes from the end, turn the ball to Vecino which then leads to the advantage. Spalletti 7 Inter leads the race creating motorcycles and suffering little. Make the most of the changes, Inter remembers being in the summer pointed as possible anti-juve. These report cards, however, Milan: Donnarumma: 4 A masterpiece the flight at the corner on Perisic's attempt. But on the goal the responsibilities are enormous, wrong reading the trajectory of the cross. Calabria: 6 Favorite to the expert Abate versus a Perisic not up to partake more than good. Musacchio: 4.5 On the goal he bows to Icardi. Romagnoli: 6 Avoid the capitulation of Milan with a providential intervention on Icardi. Too bad that it is too soft on the action of the goal. R. Rodriguez: 6 He must keep Politano at bay and opts for a containment game, limiting the offensive bucking. Kessie: 5.5 He runs like a damned, a great fighter, even if sometimes he lacks a lot of fluidity Biglia: 6 It has the merit of not being conditioned by the questionable warning taken after only twenty minutes. It is placed on the lines of passing Nerazzurri and Reggia. Bonaventure: 6.5 Oblate, firm, club. Dark work but fundamental to make up for the obvious physical gap in midfield compared to the Nerazzurri. Precious in keeping the departments close when Inter accelerates. Suso: 5.5 He was one of the most awaited men and can not leave his mark. It disappears at the distance Higuain: 5 Spalletti has created a bomb-proof cage on him and the nugget never manages to get out of it. Calhanoglu: 5 Some shots try it as well, but it's not even for him Cutrone: 5.5 Twenty minutes, sacrifices on the band for tactical needs, and can not sting. Gattuso: 5.5 After the row of three consecutive victories comes the abrupt return to reality. The defense is not imperforiable and the team can not create that much. postponed

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