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Can Arsenal take home title?
Arsenal is having a good run has won last 9 matches on the trot.They will be defensively all over the place the only thing that gets them out of trouble is you know they're always going to score goals. But when a big team plays I mean it's a tight football match defensively they're just not good enough.Its in shambles still I mean the only guy that is a good defender is Sokratis he is been great for them. I'm going to be realistic wins breed confidence no matter which side your playing and give the strength to create a upset when where playing the so called title contenders but what I've seen in many of our games is that we were very lucky to beat some of these little sides some of these should of draw. Luck is on our side cause these are the easiest fixtures we have received since a long,long time and I believe if arsenal Wenger was here with the same signings he would win them. However, we can see things improving under Emery.There are more smaller teams in the league than bigger teams. How many big teams have we played in the first place, just City and Chelsea. I think they need to get a few extra players who will bring a stiff competition to the lads, especially the new lads. Having three quality players of the same position I great. Let's look at City and Liverpool the two contenders for the title they have three or more to cover each of the positions. We need another LB, Two wingers, DM, CB and RB. If we get the players for theses position we can definitely put up an immense challenge for the title. The maximum points total in the premier league is 114 points, even if Arsenal lost every single game against their top 6 rivals (a drop of 30 points) they would still have 84 points. 84 points would win the title in 8 premier league seasons. You can also expect that Arsenal would pick up at least a couple of points against the top 6 and likewise drop some points against the rest. It is simply unreasonable to write off a team for the title/top 4 while winning games against the MAJORITY of the premier league.All boxes checked Arsenal are a developing team specially in the defense area, but we are not that bad as people would like us to believe. Every team now and again concede goals and lose stupid, but that does not mean that they are a bad team. I am sure Arsenal would improve and when we play the likes of LFC, MUFC or Spurs, Arsenal would be defensively upto it in that day. Comments and Suggestions are appreciated!!