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The Argentine star has a strong fan following worldwide, and has taken football to a new zenith with his dribbling skills and World Cup scoring feats, playing with Argentina during his heyday as a lethal striker. The FIFA Player of the Century shares adulation with the likes of Brazilian star Pele. But Maradona with his devil-may-care attitude on the field rattled even the strongest of opponents. However, be it as a player during his playing days or as his recent role as a coach, he garners a lot of respect from his fans and critics alike. His very presence till date on the football field triggers an electrifying confidence within the team as was his recent role of a head coach with Al Wasl. And match officials were at their very best when a game was in progress at the UAE Football League. They just could not afford to drop their guard under the watchful eye of the star who strongly reacted to bad decisions at crowded pre and post match press meets. The very fact that players and fans rallied behind him during his stint at Al Wasl, where the Al Wasl as well as Emirati fans followed the team in their Home and Away games, reflected in huge ticket sales at the stadiums in the UAE wherever the legend went. Besides the fan following one could not miss the fact that the local and international media lapped up any news related to the star, be it for good or bad reasons. Maradona was, and will always remain, solid fodder for the media. His personal life has been traumatic with many ups and downs but the legend that he is, he has always managed to spring surprises, be it in China or the UAE. He is a storm to watch out for. The Golden Ball award winner at a jam-packed press meet at Burj Khalifa in Dubai few years earlier pledged to take UAE sports (specially football) to a new dimension on the international platform. Be it the World Cup 2018 or anywhere in the world, Maradona is and will always be the focus of attention for the media.

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