Introducing D Community: (A Decentralizing Support Community for All Crypto Bloggers)
We are proudly introducing D Community with a view to discover, Basic ideas for beginners, curate, and support All users, creators and authors on. We would curate contents that are real authorship to encourage hard-work and support originality. ### What Is Our goal: Our main Goal is to build and support all Crypto Bloggers that will produce original contents. Here is how we will be trying: ### Discord Community: We will manage the community form our Discord Server. Every user is encouraged to join. Remember not only a few countries that is around the world. we help all Crypto Bloggers. Our Discord community will find quality contents from Authors called Creators and exceptional contents from guest authors. On the discord, everyone can Learns here, read, comment, and upvote contents. There we will be helping newbies getting started, educate them on individual platforms, posting important updates, organizing contests, avoid plagiarized etc. Members can also promote their contents on a specific channel. Our explorers will assess those contents and request upvote, they can also recommend those to be added on our server. Any member can climb up the ladder though Moderator and Admin positions will be restricted. ### Fighting Abuse: We are working to against copy-paste, plagiarized content free healthy platforms. On our DISCORD SERVER, any member can report abuse on the server. Moderators will warn them or ban them if they continue. We are also planning on working Anti Plagiarized content and other related services. ### What Are We Against Of? We won’t support: copy paste content self-voted comment Plagiarized contents Spam commenters Low-quality contents Harassment or rant post NSFW contents --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ### We Need Your Help Currently, we open our community id as possible maximum crypto social platforms. Our community id power is very poor. We need healthy power. Current power is not a lot for helping and fighting against plagiarized users. You can support us by donating/delegating POWER to @dcommunity. Any amount is appreciated. We will recruit more STUFF to help grow the D Community in the future. if you think you able to work this project than contact with ( D Community#9439 ) ( Sandberg#5877) ( MARZOUQ pious#6427 ) Thanks Regards # DCommunity ©All rights reserved @dcommunity IMAGE DESIGN WE AROUND THE WORLD HERE AND THERE. READ THIS POST ON OUR STEEMIT BLOG JOIN OUR DISCORD COMMUNITY FOR MORE SUPPORT