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Introducing myself with scorum platform
Hello Friends, This is Dhanjita Roy from Assam, India. I am currently studying in the degree First semester and I am from the Assamese medium, so I do not have much English, but I always try to write English, if any mistake in grammar, please forgive me. I did not know about scorum, but my boyfriend @...... is very interested in all these things. I have been disturbed by the last 2 months, I do not know what every day he writes about sports. But seeing every day I am also thinking that whenever If I get free time then I can write something too about sports. In the end, I opened an account today and this is my first post of this platform about introducing my life which I am going to share with you. source My favorite game:- My favorite game is Badminton. I like it so much that we can play this game with our family and can play anytime in a small place anywhere. In my house, my sister and my friends in the village even with this, we play this game, it does not come so much, but after playing it is very enjoyable, because, in this game, we will have fun as well as the physical exercise in this game. And that is beneficial for our body. I have become a little thicker, so playing game for me is very much needed for maintaining of the body. Nowadays children do not pay much attention to physical sports because they are born and look like mobile. I think we should pay more attention to the physical game instead of mobile gaming. It gives us mental peace as well as physical benefits, and we must also meditate that our next generation will have to show a reasonable path to insist on this. source My favorite player:- My favorite player is PV Sindhu. I am a big fan of her that every wall of my room is just her photo and playing my badminton Inspiration was awake. At one such time, there was a fight with my sister and brother, because if I had to watch TV then I would just watch the Badminton live match or review match. But that day has not happened, I do not live in my house. My family kept me in the hostel from the house and I get to see here is not TV. Neither do I get to quarrel with my sister and brother like that day, I miss it all these days and miss a lot to my brother and sister and my family. In the end, I want to say that I hope that the first writing of my life which is related to my introduction will be of great interest to you. If you feel good about writing this, Please take away your valuable time and give me one like and if you have some things in your heart, then definitely write in the comment box. Especially thanks to @muchukunda and his team. Thanks for visiting my blog.

My Introduction

Introducing Myself.