New and Noteworthy

Donkey cart race of Layari Karachi is far better than any Formula 1 race for the people of Karachi.
Layari is a place in Karachi Pakistan which has most of its population living under poverty line. Dark, narrow streets and heaps of garbage are in abundance in that area. Proper planing of streets and roads and sanitation is extinct there. But beside these all challenges, there is a lot of talent and determination in the people of Layari. Young street children won silver medal in street children football world cup. There are so many names which represented Pakistan internationally in Boxing, football, karate and many other sports. People of Layari are known as " makrani" their ancestors came from Africa . They are dark in colour but so much talented in all terms. For last two decades are so, people of Layari organize one of the most interesting and amazing games of the world know as " Donkey cart race". Many youngsters and elders of Layari prepare their donkeys for this race throughout the year. Donkeys are given proper names and some are very interesting . For example "nokia", " bulbul, nightangle","shoola, spark" etc. These donkeys are specially nourished and fed. They get nice costumes for race. Organizers of this race use to arrange everything locally and winners were blessed with endowments. But for past 2-3 years whole Karachi comes to enjoy this event. Even for the last years race chief minister Qaim Ali Shah was the chief guest. He gave winners prizes and promised to organize this race on government level.