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Quality Services by OMS Provider Managing Through FIX Network
An order management system (OMS) is a software that handles the management and execution of orders through the FIX provider. The FIX stands for Financial Information exchange and is a protocol that is used to share real time stock exchange information and handles millions of dollars while providing secure transactions. This protocol is linked to OMS technology and cannot function without it. What an OMS provider does is that they implement an order (could be for buying and selling firms both) they help place an order in the trading system. The order contains the following information: Security identifier Order type (buying/selling) Order size Order limit Order instructions (day/night, fill/kill or good/cancelled) Order transmission How the OMS software is beneficial? It can be used by both buying side and selling side companies to help get a longer trade life cycle for their stocks and investments across the world. The selling side of Order Management System has connections with the exchange however the buying side of Order Management System is responsible for connecting with the selling side OMs companies. How this works is that when an order is placed on the selling side, the OMS software should be able to update and send over an execution status report to the company that placed the order. This software can also allow the companies to see the order information details that have been entered on the system which should include all information about the active orders and the previous orders both. Integrating with a shipping company is also smart while choosing the OMS system. This works best for retail companies and most order management systems have integrated with the giants of shipping such as FedEx, USPS, UPS and the list goes on. Order management systems are there to match the correct product with correct data and details to the customers regardless of the category your company falls in. The goal of any business company or any firm for that matter is for customers to buy what they are selling. The main thing is that it will not work if the company’s back end is not up to the mark. In today’s age if the inventory isn’t linked with OMS, the companies should be prepared to lose some real potential customers. It is of utmost importance that the inventory should be updated or synced with OMS, if it’s not then orders get difficult to manage especially the ones that are discontinued or out of stock. Some of the top order management system (OMS) providers include WISE, Logiwa WMS, Excalibur WMS by Camelot 3PL, WMS360, 3PL Warehouse Manager by 3PL Central, Contract Insight Contract Management, ShippersEdge, Conga Contracts Contract Management and Enterprise WMS and Interchange EDI.

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