In the women's semi-final of the Australian Open 2019, Czech tennis star Petra Kitova did not have the only 'Giant Killer' Daniel Collins in front of him, and at the same time he had 40 degrees temperature in Moulborough! Kittenova reached the final of the Grand Slam final after 2014, after losing the set to the state level, ignoring Kiwi. In the final, he will be playing in the other semifinal against Naomi Osaka and Caroline Pliscova's win over Jamaica.

Twenty-two Wimbledon won the Kitovas with great potential in tennis experts However, Kitova has questioned the careers in an event in 2016. He had to be stabbed in his own country by the mischief. On this day he explained that he left behind the nightmares.

The eighth seed of the tournament, Kitova, was defeated by American rival Collins easily 7-6 (7-2), 6-0. However, in addition to meeting Collins, he has to fight against the hot summer of Melbourne. During the first set of Rod Laver Arena, the temperature reaches 40 degrees. Touching the 'Hit Stress Scale' 5.0. As a result, the stadium roof was covered with 4-4 points.

The 'Indoor' situation started to advance and the Czech star started moving forward. In the past, he did not win the Grand Slam of the Grand Slam, but in this tournament, he responded to the selection of stars like Angelique Kerber, Julia Gorges, Caroline Garcia. At the beginning of the day, he had a tough competition in kitovaya kitova.

In the first set, he went on to a 3-2 lead in a fantastic return. But at the same time, Kitova came back to break his service in a winner. Then the roof was covered, that decision was not chosen by Collins. But the first set he dragged to the tiebreaker. Collins, in the second set, made it easy for Tito to make one of the mistakes one after another with frustration.