Many of we knows that WWE is real but some people who not show WWE they just told that this all fight is just fake and already scripted but in this post almost all going to clear about WWE

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

In WWE there is acting also doing but more than that there is Wrestling also doing and this also many don't know.

In WWE all weapons and all is real?

Yes, That all is real like chairs, steel, hammer and all is real but many of this like low weight so wrestler can be at safer side. In WWE many time they only put this things their so that wrestler use that in fight. With this all weapons werstler get injured but they also got training to handle this all. In WWE that is banned to attack with chair in wrestler head and if more injured they have than wrestler career can be fail.

Is wrestler feel pain and is that blood real?

Yes, Many of peoples think that werstler doesn't feel any pain in the ring and they only enjoying this but no they also feel that pain not much but they feel and they got training also to use that all weapons and wrestler just tried to be safe in ring. For wrestler voice the mic is set under the ring and at the side of the ring so wrestler voice can recored properly.

If you watching WWE than some time you see that wrestler is hafly of blood and blood is flowing in body. So for this wrestler is showing this fake almost many time by doing they just take blade with them give it to referee or anyone near ringside and cut of their own forehead and this is called 'blading' in wrestler.

If you want to know that blood is real and wrestler really injured seriously than just see to referee face and if he will make sign of X than it will be real injured. Many of Matches in WWE is Scripted and that all is for Entertainment.

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